New Star, mainly in the Isles of Sutā, has tourist attractions. The following below are the tourist attractions and recommendations of excursions to do while you visit.


New Star (Shin Sutā.)

New Star (Shin Sutā.) is the nation's capital. The government of New Star, and along with civilians, and tourist has recommenced this location and excursions. Here you can visit the original origin of New Star Marijuana, the New Star Storage House. (Cost $20 NST per visit, per person. Marijuana is for sale for $300 NST per joint). New Star also contains the marijuana fields, here you can see where they are grown and how they are grown. ($125 NST per tour, per person.) Citizens and tourist rate both excursions/tours 4/5 Stars.


Kwa Wema Zaidi Monument.

The Kwa Wema Zaidi Monument is located outside the New Star Gate, it shows, on gold circles, verses of Baba Yetu, featuring a cross in the front, the cross represents religious freedom even though its the symbol for Christianity. Tourist and Citizens recommend visiting the monument and rate it 5/5 Stars.