The Suta Isles Military have multiple types of troops and classes. They are in no particular order of skill or etc.

Comrades Edit

Comrades are basic land infantry troops. Usually solving civil disruptions, and fighting in small battles and Recon and assult missions.

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Comrade Military Troop.

Medical Engineer Edit

Medical Engineers aid military infantries by aiding to their wounds and identifying fallen troops. Usually nurses, doctors, or surgeons, are sent letters saying that they have been selected to be a Medical Engineer from the Government. Chosen applicants are usually some of the best nurses, doctors, or surgeons, in the Isles of Suta.

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Medical Engineer Troop.

Ranger Edit

Rangers are skilled at far ranged combat, usually sniping, they are very deading at far range combat.

Tank Edit

The tank is a heavy armored fighting vehicle carrying a gun that shoots an explosive. Efficient on taking out heavily armored troops and vehicles.

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Ranger Military Troop.

Sisters of War Edit

Sisters of War are the highly advanced infantry troops, they specialize in everything, longterm battles and etc. They are a force no one would want to see, the Sisters of War have also never failed a mission.

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A Comrade, standing in front of the Tank Military Troops.


Sisters of War V1

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Sisters of War V2

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Sisters of War V3

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Sisters of War V4